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Niche Facebook Group List for POD, CreateSpace and T Shirt Designers etc.

Katharyne Shelton
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So one of my methods for brainstorming designs for Merch shirts, book covers etc. is to browse Facebook groups to find unusual trends and niches. Then I write them down and come up with my designs.

I spent a few hours on this yesterday and made a spreadsheet of unusual, interesting or surprisingly big niche groups I found from Hermeticism to Self Taught Programmers to Leonberger Dog Owners. I had fun with it and ended up with so many, I figured I’d share.

The list includes 222 groups in the following format: Title of group, number of members and brief explanation. 

 For example: My Deaf Dog New Group 2k Members (Owners of Deaf Dogs)

This is what you can do with it:

> You can quickly turn most of these groups into shirts with simple phrasing like, “I love my Leonberger” “Proud to be a self-taught programmer”, “Hermetic Homie”, “My deaf dog can’t hear you but he can smell you” and so on. These are real niches that people engage with, promote and have some emotional connection to, which is exactly what you are looking for in a shirt niche. 

> Most of these group titles also include powerful keywords. ‘Deaf Dogs’ gets approx 1300 Google Searches a month. ‘Hermetic’ gets 22,000 so they’re ripe for product creation.

> The titles of these groups give you some clue to the jargon and self-identifying language used by niche audiences. This will help you create designs that people in the niche will love.

> The members of these groups are like a promotion team, spreading the word about your niche

> You can create journal, notebook or composition book covers around these niches

> You can also create coloring books or pages for these niches

> If you are interested in building a blog or Facebook page, these are great starter ideas for a new audience.

> With these niches in mind, you can also make wallpaper, graphics packs, information products, subscription boxes and print on demand products like doggy beds, bathrobes, socks, clocks, plates and artwork

> You can use these ideas to create personalized products for Amazon Custom. For example bumper stickers or doggy beds that say, “Leonberger Mom Kathy” (My free OnDemand course shows you how).

> You can design product bundles with these niches in mind.

> These are ready built audiences so you may be able to politely make contact with the group owner and ask to share your shirt or product in the group.

This list of 222 niche groups comes as an easy to read PDF file and a CSV spreadsheet file (that you can reorder), 100% curated by me, by hand. No VAs or scraping software.

 All the groups I picked are because I could personally think of neat designs or projects for them. I tried not to repeat niches. Many are big groups but not all. I included smaller groups if I felt they indicated a larger trend or had die-hard fans.

I’m going to limit this to 300 people and sell it cheap, just because this was a fun project for me and then I realized I had some really awesome data.

At less than 10c for each niche, each one should give you plenty of design or product ideas. If this helps you get just three or four shirt sales, you will have made your money back! :)

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Niche Facebook Group List for POD, CreateSpace and T Shirt Designers etc.

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