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Tangent Templates Magazine for KDP and Beyond (Tangezine Issue #2) Summer Nights Edition

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Welcome to the second issue of our Tangent Templates Magazine (Tangezine #2)

It's free and once again is absolutely CHOCKABLOCK FULL with great ideas and examples for KDP!

Here's a taste of what's inside:

  • Summer Nights and Summer Weddings Niche Treasure Hunts - The more you look at them, the more niches you'll find! They're so pretty you'll want them on your wall. I even share my palettes and fonts so you can recreate the styles.
  • Wedding Planners - We deep dive into wedding planners, where traditional planners get it wrong and how you can take advantage, by niching planners to diverse audiences. There's a whole stack of niche ideas, and page examples you can use!
  • Hand Lettering Walkthrough - Hand Lettering and Calligraphy is a huge niche right now on KDP and Etsy. My walkthrough shows how you can create one of these books fast, using TT Turbo, and make it look great!
  • My Magic Formula for unique affirmations. This is CRAZY powerful, letting you create a planner full of highly niched affirmations or positive thoughts for any audience. The magazine includes 20 ChatGPT prompt versions of the formula as examples.

    Plus Calendar dates, Quick Niche Suggestions, Summer Notions

And lots more! Every page is packed with content and ideas.

BONUS: Included is a TT File that contains all the example pages from this issue - and a few extra goodies! If you use Tangent Templates, you can import this straight into TT and download or edit the templates for use in your own projects. We recommend using the 'Make Template' button on any pages you want to use, then you can import these into any of your projects at any trim size. You'll find them again under 'Saved Pages' from the rocketship menu.

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Note: If you love this magazine and would like to support us, or just want some beautiful images please check out our other listing on Gumroad here which for $10 includes 60 beautiful jpg images that can be used for all your projects, even commercially!

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Issue #2 of the Tangent Templates digital magazine plus a TT file with all the example pages

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Tangent Templates Magazine for KDP and Beyond (Tangezine Issue #2) Summer Nights Edition

66 ratings
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