Katharyne Shelton's Prompt Inspiration Book - 20 Versatile Midjourney Effects

Katharyne Shelton
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From Katharyne Shelton, the co-creator of Tangent Templates and Imagine with Katharyne.

This beautiful book has over 80 pages of inspiration, jampacked with images that demonstrate the power of Midjourney and AI art.

Katharyne includes her prompts, offering you 20 different and versatile effects you can use and demonstrating them in action.

Note: This is quite a big file - 223mb because it includes beautiful high res images.

This is what ChatGPT says about this gorgeous book,

"Every image curated in this collection isn't just a visual delight; it's a journey. A journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional art, blurring lines between human imagination and machine precision.

As you flip through, Katharyne's handpicked prompts await you. These aren't just prompts; they are doorways. With 20 unique and transformative effects showcased, each is a gentle nudge, encouraging you to explore, imagine, and create. Witness these effects come alive, as Katharyne masterfully demonstrates their magic.

And as you're captivated by the allure of these pages, remember: this is but a glimpse of what's possible.

For those who wish to chart their own artistic voyage, Imagine with Katharyne, our coloring book course and software bundle beckons. A realm where you can harness the tools and knowledge to craft your own masterpieces, intertwining soul, story, and software.

Dare to dream, for in the fusion of art and AI, the canvas is limitless."

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Katharyne Shelton's Prompt Inspiration Book - 20 Versatile Midjourney Effects

52 ratings
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