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GPT Bundle: Tangent Image to Book and Cover Critique - Inspiration from Images!

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This is a bundle of two GPTs for low and medium content book creators. They complement our free Book Creator GPT perfectly and you can use each GPT separately or together.

GPTs are also known as ChatGPT Assistants or Agents. You need a ChatGPT Plus account to use them.

Tangent Cover Critique

Upload the cover of any book and the GPT will analyze and critique it for you. It can also provide marketing suggestions and long tail keywords for the book.

Tangent Image to Book

Generate a selection of creative low-medium content book concepts without typing a word! It's super easy to use! Just upload an image and the GPT will give you three original book concepts and associated keywords. You can expand any of the concepts to generate a complete content plan, or you can switch to the Book Creator GPT and ask it to expand on your concept.

This bundle is free (Enter $0 in the box) or pay what you want (Thank you!)

You will get two links that will add Tangent Book to your ChatGPT. You will need a ChatGPT Plus account to use it.

The link is in the 'Start Here' pdf in this package.

These GPTs are trained on Katharyne Shelton's Deep Values framework which you can grab for free here:

We recommend using them in tandem with our Book Creator tool here:

Some notes: These are creative tools. They function on GPT so may hallucinate from time to time or generate fictional results. If you get stuck at any time, type continue to move on in the process or you can always type 'menu' to find out what else the bot can do. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome at

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Two new GPTs for Book Creators from Tangent

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GPT Bundle: Tangent Image to Book and Cover Critique - Inspiration from Images!

8 ratings
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